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Princess Wishes Party      (2 hours)

Princess Arrival and Magical Performance

From the moment your favourite Princess walks in to the room, the magic begins. Your chosen Princess will sing a couple of her favourite songs while the birthday girl and all her friends sing-along and learn some new dance moves. A wonderful performance for your family and guests to watch.

Princess Royal Coronation

The Birthday girl will be officially presented with a beautiful tiara, given as a gift from the Princess, in front of all her friends and family, in a royal Coronation ceremony, making her a real Princess. All of the guests will be taught Princess and Prince etiquette and are then able to curtsy or bow to their new Princess.

Fun and Games - up to 4 games

The Princess will get all the children in a real party mood by getting them to take part in lots of fun-filled party games with sweets and prizes included. All of the guests will be taught Princess and Prince etiquette and are then able to curtsy or bow to their new Princess.

Princess and Prince Parade

Help the Princess create a special mini parade. Big smiles, waves and a wand for the leader (the birthday girl), is all we need to make this happen.

Princess and Prince Promises

The Princess will share some very special promises that have to be made before you can become a real Princess or Prince, but shhh, you've got to keep them a secret!

Birthday Princess Glitter Tattoo

The Birthday Princess will be given a unique glitter tattoo, with a special diamante, to show to all of her friends and family.

1 to 1 Meet & Greet

A Personalised 1 to 1 meet and greet with every child whilst they are eating. A very personal experience for every child attending the party, where they get to ask the Princess any questions that they may not have had chance to ask her during activities

Magical Glitter Wishes

Now is the time that the birthday girl and all her guests, are able to make a special wish with magical glitter dust from far, far away. Make your wish, and if the glitter sticks within your hand, all your wishes will come true.

Photo Opportunities

If you haven't taken all the pictures that you are wanting, then now is your chance. The Princess will show the little ones a special Princess or Prince pose especially for the pictures. There will be a chance to take group photos and individual photos if requested.

Disco Dancing

Lets put our dancing shoes on and join in with the best party dances around. This is the perfect opportunity for parents to get involved too!

Princess Storytime - optional

After a fun, magical journey, it is now time to wind down. As the tale unfolds the Princess will share her story in a magical way of how she became a Princess. The Birthday girl and all of her guests will be able to participate in this exciting tale.

Happy Birthday Ceremony, with Cake Presentation - The Royal Finale

All the children will sit in a big circle. The Princess and all of the birthday guests will sing happy birthday to the birthday girl, whilst the cake is presented. The Birthday girl will blow out the candles, make her special wish and then share hugs of friendship and love.

Helping to hand out Party Bags & Final Goodbyes

The end is near, and its nearly time for the Princess to depart back to her castle, but before that we need to hand out the party bags - how can we forget them! So the Princess will help the birthday girl hand out party bags, whilst saying goodbye to every child as they leave.

♥ £210 ♥

Add an extra Princess for £140 ♥

Add a Professional Photographer for £150 ♥

Please note that petrol charges may incur depending on your area, please contact us here to enquire about this package